Get To Know the Benefits of Fixed Pay Probate

21 Aug

It is not easy to deal with the real estate of your deceased loved one. The good thing is that it is not a must that you deal with the real estate on your own, although many people prefer handling it on their own.  In most cases, many people opt to deal with the real estate of their loved ones themselves to avoid the legal cost. They fear that huge legal cost may take a big part of the estate. In case you would not want to handle probate on your own, consider going for fixed fee probate.

 One of the main benefits of considering fixed probate is that you will not have to pay any money upfront. Although you will not require paying any money, you will agree on the total fee you ought to pay upfront. This can assure you that you will not experience any nasty surprise after the settlement of the estate.  The truth is that solicitors can get very expensive and thus the need to go the probate way.

Probate entails making an application to the tribunal service, requesting to be permitted to take over the estate of your deceased and gain access to their finances.  If the deceased total wealth is not more than $5000 and he or she had left all the wealth in the bank, you will not have to apply for probate.  You will not have any problems accessing the account of your deceased since most banks allow relatives of the deceased to access the money if it is less than $5000.

Also, in case the total amount of money is above $5000 and you a have joint name with the deceased you will not have to apply for probate.  It is a pleasure for every bank to switch the wealth of the deceased to your name on proving the death of the deceased. If the above exemptions do not apply in your case, the only solution is applying for probate. Learn more about real estate at

 In case you are finding it overwhelming to handle probate on your own, you should not be shy about it.  The reason is that many people have had this experience as well.  It is not that easy to deal with money issues and taxes. It is even harder to handle these issues when you are still mourning the loss of your loved one. In most cases, in case you have a family solicitor at, the temptation to leave all things to him or her is high.  Although this may seem like an easy way out, avoid it. This is because the fee for hiring a solicitor can get too high. You can take the worry away when you use fixed pay probate.

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